International (R)SPCA collusion, chance or caciquismal nightmare?

Watching what is happening in other jurisdictions is vitally important. We now have RSPCA UK, the SSPCA and RSPCA QLD all wanting to be able to dispose of animals before any court has heard the evidence against the Defendant.

For organisations that claim to care about fair play and due process this is a bizarre position to hold and highlights the disdain these AR-Groups feel for the rights and feelings of those unfortunate enough to come to their notice.

How many Defendants will have the will to continue to fight if either the breeding stock that has taken years to produce and which forms the core of their business is gone? Or if their only companion has either been killed or sold to someone else?

It is heartbreaking that Animal Rights (AR) organisations masquerading as “welfare” groups whose claimed aims include “kindness” prefer solutions that destroy the human animal bond over those that could work to enhance it.

Wouldn’t it be better if a local vet, chosen by the defendant, was to be allowed to oversee the ongoing health and welfare of the animals if they remained with their owners pending the outcome of any court proceedings? Meaning that pet animals could remain in their homes with the people they love without the stress of moving into kennels and grieving for their family,, and commercial animals could be dealt with accordingly?

The costs of the veterinary supervision to be the RSPCA’s if they lose and the Defendant’s if they should be found guilty – or proportioned costs if the Defendant is only found guilty on some of the charges against them?

Of course, in England and Wales, s.20 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 already allowed applications to court either by the prosecutor, requesting to dispose of the animals, or for the owner to ask for their return. This has not been good enough for the RSPCA in England and Wales because the courts have not always granted their requests.

Worse, a government that was penny pinching on animal welfare made S.20 a civil application, meaning that there is no legal aid available for individuals fighting for their animals against top prosecution barristers and solicitors. So much for equality of arms and human rights.

Can we really believe that three separate (R)SPCAs are asking for the same nasty solution to a problem of their own making purely by chance? Or is it more likely that they have been colluding together and if any jurisdiction allows these demands the others will point to it as reason for granting the same injustice in their country?

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  1. Alec Swan.

     /  April 9, 2021

    The rspca are only accountable to the Charities Commission (CC) ~ a controlling body who, because in part of the CC Charter, have taken the word inept to an entirely new height ~ or depth perhaps. The rspca consider no other level of external governance.

    The rspca have been found wanting in EVERY single sector where they stand inspection ~ particularly the animals that they would purport to care for, and those people who are intimidated and victimised. The rspca live under the shelter of a self-appointing Council and as such, have evolved to assume a despotic stance and attitude.

    I am generally NOT a person for burdening our world with ever more Regulatory powers, but the time must surely be here when the arbitrary, archaic and autocratic policy decisions made by the rspca, are reined in.

    The time has been here, and for some while, when our world needs to wake up and consider the advertised claims made by the rspca, examine them carefully and then consider a route in to the current rspca Counsel ~ replacing those employed officers with those who will see the previously laudable charity, return to it’s own charter.


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