The RSPCA mocks the caring public

Having publicised itself as the first port of call for all animal related issues, the RSPCA is now mocking those members of the public who believed the hype and turned to it for help and advice.

Remember as you read the scornful comments that all of these people have tried to help an animal or the RSPCA. We all know how difficult it is to contact the RSPCA, so these people must have persevered against all the odds to try and help.

When you know that the RSPCA have campaigned against dressing animals in clothing and against the keeping of exotics it puts the call informing them of a monkey dressed in a rabbit suit in context. The sort of call their campaigns imply they would like to hear about.

Thinking about the RSPCA campaigns and prosecutions for causing psychological suffering to animals, prosecutions for shouting at a dog for instance, doesn’t that make the caller who thought that calling a dog a mongrel was insulting sound reasonable? No doubt the tone of voice used had some relevance too.

Wouldn’t any organisation be pleased to be asked to send a representative to a birthday lunch as a guest?  Be grateful for the opportunity to meet other members of the public and talk about what they do?  Not the RSPCA.

Having promoted care for wildlife the RSPCA considers it bizarre that a member of the public might ring them and ask for information on what they might expect to see and hear when watching foxes mating. So very sad that this person’s genuine interest was dismissed as ‘bizarre’.

Also very sad is the RSPCA’s dismissal of the person who believed that the RSPCA existed to help sick and injured animals and rang them when she saw what she thought was a poorly rat on her kitchen floor.  Imagine her embarrassment  when the inspector pointed out that it was an onion that had rolled out of her bag, and her mortification on finding her mistake splashed across the media.

A mistake yes, but the RSPCA tells people not to approach wildlife because of the danger the animal can pose and because of the stress it can cause the animal. Would they have preferred her to leave it to suffer?

No doubt there will be many members of the public who will walk away in future instead of trying to help for fear of being mocked and pilloried for daring to care.