Compulsory micro-chipping of dogs in Wales

The SHG submission to the Welsh Government’s consultation on compulsory micro-chipping of dogs is now online.

The Welsh government is determined to legislate.  Environment minister, John Griffiths, who is not a dog owner, has said that Dog breeding legislation should be in place by the end of the year and compulsory micro-chipping should be in place by spring next year.

Those who believe that they have a right to privacy should note that  the RSPCA state in their submission :

…….there should be only one centralised database providing easy 24/7 access for enforcement bodies which must include the police, local authorities and the RSPCA.

It is also worth noting that:

The RSPCA also expects that it will be using these Regulations when it is enforcing other pieces of dog legislation such as neglect, abandonment, cruelty, etc under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

There is still time to talk to Assembly Members and raise your concerns about what this will mean to dog owners and dogs in Wales.  They are listening to the views of people outside Wales too, so there is still chance for everyone’s opinion to be heard.