Why not listen to the other side?

Grimreaper6379 believes that their side should be heard for once.

Having read the article and the post by grimreaper6379 we agree.  Time for the authorities and the public to stop condemning these young people and to offer help instead.

i would like to point out that being one of the owners of the above horses that all the horses that where galded none of the horses where abandoned in fact they where all in good health other wise they would not have been galded. we has horse owner get enjoyment from our horses and yes i agree there are some owners that don’t care and they give us that do care a bad name. we are working with the groups involved because we no this is becoming a problem. one problem we has horse owners face is when idiots come along and steal our tether chains and pegs. we all paid towards our horses being galded and a group of us are sorting out a way of paying in to the fund the money came from to set up the galding and passporting session and it angers us when we hear our horses where abandoned and negleted. this is not the case most of us take great pride in the horses and really we would like our side to be heard for once.